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Trinity Community Lutheran Church congregation was established in 1913 by Icelandic pioneers of Point Roberts. Point Roberts is located 30 miles south of Vancouver British Columbia.  It is a unique peninsula on Georgia Strait, just south of the 49th parallel in Washington State. 

The Point has a year round mild climate with half the annual rain fall
of Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is surrounded on three sides by ocean which has attracted both Americans and Canadians to its shores.

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After 100 years of faithful service to the community, Trinity is now in need of immediate structural restoration. Your financial assistance can help save this historical landmark for the Point.

For Restoration Donations via GoFundMe, click on a link below

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Reading, Prayer & Meditation with Bev Mar:
Enjoy a quiet meditation -
Jesus and the Ruby Ray of Peace





We are told (1 Thess. 5:18) to “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God

This has been a challenging year for our church community, having much of our congregation sort of exiled – if you will – throughout the pandemic, and then discovering that our century-old building is under threat of collapse.

But on close reading, we understanding that Paul wrote these words to the young church at Thessalonika at a time when the fledgling congregation was being heavily persecuted by the Jewish community, who considered Paul – the letter’s author – to be a seditionist. This very young church was on the edge of ruin.

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