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Trinity Community Lutheran Church congregation was established in 1913 by Icelandic pioneers of Point Roberts. Point Roberts is located 30 miles south of Vancouver British Columbia.  It is a unique peninsula on Georgia Straight, just south of the 49th parallel in Washington State.  The Point has a year round mild climate with half the annual rain fall of Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is surrounded on three sides by ocean which has attracted both Americans and Canadians to its shores.


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Reflection --- based on the Lenten Series/Affirmations

Affirmation: I Am sweeping out what holds me back from joyful living. I am choosing to ponder and give energy to the paths that lead to forgiveness in my own heart.

As we approach Holy Week, we may move into deeper places. The first part of this affirmation focuses on clearing out, specifically, the things that are blocking joy. Joy, as in the natural flow of joy in living. This joy is never the result of harming self or others. It is more like connecting in the moment, a happy-to-be-alive feeling. Does anything come to your mind, when you ponder -- "what can I take my broom to today or soon?" -- to dust off a space, to let go of something past. Maybe it is something in the long ago past, that would free up some energy now, for joy.

Now, the second part of the affirmation is about moving with energy, after some reflection, to take one step or two, towards forgiving. Forgiving a slight, a hurt, a mistake of your own or another's. In my experience, forgiveness is really hard, actually impossible, when the harm is really great, as in huge. And little harms, slights, can get tinged by the deeper bitterness of the larger harms -- the primal wounds of our warrior selves, perhaps. So, I am not for advocating, just forgive. And, I'm not for making it worse by adding on more wounds or harm. So, maybe, if you are in the position that you cannot forgive or even imagine forgiving, maybe you can ask at some time, that God forgive the harm.

And, then again, maybe it is that you might need to forgive God a little or a lot. That too can be hard. It just is what it is, hard.

We hear again and again, forgiveness is not for the abuser, as much as it is for the victim. It frees the victim in very many ways. But when the victim is crushed, she/he can't really think or understand what that might even mean. And faith in God may also have been crushed or bruised.

Despite that, I have found, that transferring the forgiving for a time onto a Greater Power, a divine power, can bring an easing and a sense of moving in a direction that begins to free up the energy that brings more hope, and eventually more joy. I offer it as a possible strategy. And one day, maybe, it will be right to be the one forgiving. Beginning that journey, when you are badly wounded is a huge step to consider. Simply and slowly, whittling away at whatever needs forgiveness may be a good strategy until more healing, and more of the aspects of a better life have changed the dynamic and lightened the painfulness. And that risk, to ponder and give some energy to taking a path leading possibly to forgiveness, frees up some space for joy even now and, more joy down the road. And joy -- joy is good for the heart and for life. Joy is good medicine, it heals us deeply. During Holy Week, soon upon us, there is a special grace that comes into our world as we in the Christian world remember the sacred journey of Jesus, his challenges and his responses leading to his victory of the Resurrection. I hope, pray and wish that you will experience such grace - perhaps for the first time, perhaps right on schedule. God bless you!










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The time of year is coming upon us when we look deeply at the self: the day-to-day self and the higher self (the “soul-self” or spiritual self). We call this time of year Lent. If you grew up in a church it’s likely that when you were a child you were challenged to give something up that you really liked, “for Lent.” Back then, that was how we experienced “repentance;” another word for it would be deprivation, as that was how we sometimes experienced it. But at the same time, it was a spiritual challenge, the first “discipline” of the young Christian life. It was somehow supposed to make us stronger, wiser, more spiritual, more loving. Did it work for you?

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Summer Music Camp
"Rescue in the Night"

Giovani Lieti from “Le Nozze di Figaro” by W.A. Mozart arranged
by Patrick Liebergen 

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