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Trinity Community Lutheran Church congregation was established in 1913 by Icelandic pioneers of Point Roberts. Point Roberts is located 30 miles south of Vancouver British Columbia.  It is a unique peninsula on Georgia Strait, just south of the 49th parallel in Washington State. 

The Point has a year round mild climate with half the annual rain fall
of Vancouver, British Columbia.  It is surrounded on three sides by ocean which has attracted both Americans and Canadians to its shores.

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After 100 years of faithful service to the community, Trinity is now in need of immediate structural restoration. Your financial assistance can help save this historical landmark for the Point.

For Restoration Donations via GoFundMe, click on a link below

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Saturday Feb 10th at 4pm
Jazz Vespers

Sunday March 17th at 4pm
Jazz Vespers

Where worship and praise are given to God in various ways that are meaningful to a variety of people; A place for all people to develop their spirituality and their relationship with God in ways that are meaningful for them; Encouraging of people’s God given gifts, so those gifts may be shared to God’s glory with each other and the world.

In light of this vision, we will, over the coming few months, be restructuring our worship in the following way:

1st Sunday: Contemporary Worship with Pastor Gina

2nd Sunday: Interfaith Worship with Interfaith readings, concepts and themes with Minister Bev

3rd Sunday: Theme or Healing Focused Worship facilitated by one/all of Trinity pastors and/or a guest

4th Sunday: Traditional Liturgical worship and communion with Pastor Jean

5th Sunday: Jazz Vespers hosted by Lucy Williams

We invite you to join us every Sunday or on the Sunday that speaks to your spirituality, as we all learn ways to be in closer relationship with God and each other.


We have a richness in this Point Roberts community far beyond the current surface that we touch. Over the last few years, we have lost and mourned dear ones who have been part of the fabric here and we have been fortunate to welcome and become aware of new, vibrant, talented, heart-centered people. Our Jazz Vespers – organized and led by Lucy Williams – brings some of these treasures, new and old, up to the surface. Some such treasures can be found in our church services and other offerings.

With the ending of January and entry into February, as we look even deeper into the year ahead with expectation and the firming of plans and goals, I asked if AmandaLyn Wayland, who has been one of our vespers/Sunday guest speakers would permit us to pass along a reflection she read for us recently in a Sunday service, which I think others might also appreciate. Here it is. January Words to Ponder by AmandaLyn Wayland 


“There’s something about winter, the shortening days and the bitter chill to the air pushing us inside, prompting us to long for cozy blankets, mugs of steaming hot drinks, and the persistent urge to reflect.

So many use the holidays to look back, casting our gaze over the gatherings and ties of our past. There, we can stumble upon nostalgic scenes that glow with warmth just as often as we can feel the melancholic memories of disappointment and loss billow up in icy puffs through our lungs. December is often defined by this bombardment of contemplation and reflection.

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