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The Trinity Chamber Series hosts both amateur and professional musicians in this ongoing concert series. Since its inception in January 2009, over 200 North American musicians have provided “by donation” concerts to area residents and visitors. Averaging eight to 10 concerts a year the series hosts a wide array of musical talent, and genres have run the gamut from baroque recorders to budding opera singers with jazz, classical pianists, tuba quartets and all of ilk’s of other musical groups filling in the mix.

Concert goers can enjoy the music free of charge with the option of donating toward the current “project.” Turning the church into an functioning emergency shelter for the town and supporting the expense of the children’s summer music camp have been two of the Chamber Series projects. Other projects may be earmarked for future concerts.

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SATURDAY February 16th, 2:00 pm -TRINITY CHAMBER CONCERT SERIES Presents: The Capilano Flute Choir


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The community is invited to join in an old-fashioned community event of music, food and fun, marking the 100th concert in the on-going musical series at Trinity Community Church on Sunday, July 8.

It’s been 10 years since Lucy Williams envisioned the idea of a concert series, and on Sunday, July 8, she’s honoring all those musicians who have volunteered their gifts over these years. She’s also honoring those who have attended these 100 concerts and whose contributions helped support community projects.

The day will be filled with music and community spirit. Four groups will perform between 2 and 7 p.m. Three of the bands will be performing on the lawn, so bring lawn chairs and sun umbrellas and set up for the day. Spread out a blanket and create your own picnic or enjoy the barbequed hot dogs for sale.

The first event will be the perennially popular Bergamasca Recorders, who will perform inside the church. Then it’s outside for the three big concert bands and the music really takes off. A total of over 120 musicians from the Royal City, Delta, and Richmond concert bands will make this day memorable.

In exploring Lucy’s remarkable achievement, I was struck by the diversity of groups she has brought to Point Roberts, ranging from classical, country, jazz, baroque, gospel, to opera, as well as the sheer number of musicians. “Over 300 Canadian musicians have donated their time to give free performances for us,” Lucy says. “Talk about hands across the border! Ninety-six percent of the performers have been Canadian and without them there would not have been 100 concerts.”

Both amateur and professional musicians are present at the event. “Amateur musicians were the beginning,” Lucy explained. “It is a great opportunity for them, because when you are performing live, the audience collaborates and there’s a new energy. Music goes from soul to soul.” Lucy understands live performance. She has been a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild since 1984 and did stand-up comedy in LA in the late ’80s. There she was, every week, at the Comedy Club on Sunset Boulevard. In 2005, she took up the oboe as a hobby and has become an accomplished musician in her own right.

Lucy wanted to bring quality live performances to Point Roberts. “Music transcends everything and connects everyone,” she said. She also wanted to raise money for community projects. The first project was to pay for a generator for the church so it could become the community’s emergency shelter if and when the need arose. Lucy was on the church council when this project was born and the money was quickly raised through the success of the concert series. Contributions have also been made to the Point Roberts Food Bank and the new library.

Lucy’s focus then shifted to supporting the church’s Summer Music Camp for children. “I saw the opportunity to put our faith into action,” she says. “This was about children coming to music camp freely, without a monetary obligation.” What do they get out of music camp? Friendships, fellowship, and a chance to grow as budding performers to name just a few of the outcomes. At the conclusion of the camp, Tasha Neufeld, the camp director, launches a musical production that the kids have worked on all week. Older participants help her with the production, parents help with costumes. There’s a lot of involvement.

Though passionate about all things musical, Lucy’s love of children outweighs her love of music.

“We need to invest every kindness and opportunity to show children what life can be. We’re guardians of all children and we have to act that way,” she said.

Lucy’s final word? “I appreciate all the support Point Roberts has given us and hope they’ll continue to do that. We’d like to be responsive to other community needs as well. If someone has a project that we could help support, contact me.”

Interested musicians can contact Lucy Williams the Concert Series Producer at 360.945.2883 or by



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