Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M.





Prayers of Intersection

Joining our voices with Godís people around the world, let us offer our prayers for those in need.

For the church, steadfast and faithful in its mission to proclaim redemption through Christ Jesus; for all ministers of the gospel who proclaim that the word is near, let us pray.
Have mercy, O God.

For areas affected by drought or storms; for livestock and fields; for ranchers and farmers; and for all stewards of the earth, that as Godís goodness is revealed in creation, we act with justice toward all creatures, let us pray.
Have mercy, O God.

For lawyers and advocates; for local, regional, and national governments; and for peace throughout the world, that God send gracious and upright leaders to govern with mercy and truth, let us pray.
Have mercy, O God.

For those who feel ashamed; for those who find it difficult to trust; for the bereaved and sick (especially), that God provide compassionate and loving caregivers to all who suffer, let us pray.
Have mercy, O God.

For the members of the body of Christ in this place; for those who do good works in our midst; for those who are visiting and those who are absent, that the Holy Spirit guide all the journeys of our lives, let us pray.
Have mercy, O God.

For our ancestors who have inspired us by their lives of faith, that thankful for their witness, we can confidently proclaim our salvation, let us pray.
Have mercy, O God.

Merciful God, you hear the prayers of your people even before they are spoken. We commend these and all our prayers to you, trusting in your abundant mercy; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.



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