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 Daily Bread Society...

Point Roberts is a unique peninsula of land cut off from the rest of Washington State by Boundary Bay.  Because of this geographic anomaly and its close proximity to Greater Vancouver, BC, the Point is a popular recreational area for many Canadians. In fact, about half of Trinity’s congregation are from Canada. Daily Bread helps to facilitate giving by issuing tax receipts to eligible Canadian tax payers.

Daily Bread (‘Daglet Brauth’ in Icelandic) Society is a registered Canadian Non-profit organization with the mandate to provide worship services to Canadians in Point Roberts by supporting Trinity Church.  Daily Bread Society regularly donates to Canadian Lutheran World Relief ( organization based in Winnipeg Manitoba that works with partners around the world in providing emergency relief, refugee resettlement, and community development to those in need.

 Food Bank...

The Point Roberts Food Bank began over thirty years ago by two local volunteers, Ed Aydon and Les Slater. Trinity Church became involved ten years later and continues to run the Food Bank led by Pastor  Ernie Loreen. Every Wednesday at mid-day, food is distributed from the Community Centre located on Gulf Road. Approximately twenty-five local families are served by the food bank.

Our primary source of food includes the Dept. of Agriculture, Food Lifeline and  Northwest Harvest. Our bakery products are donated by Gai's Bakery, Thrifty Foods and Safeway.  The singular goal is to distribute food and needed toiletries to individuals and families at or below the federal poverty line as well as some support for the working poor.  Additionally we are a clothing bank during the autumn and winter months. The food bank performs other functions for the folks who require assistance. Much like our sibling food bank organizations throughout North America, we are simply neighbors helping neighbors. Those interested in participating in the Food Bank should contact either Ernie Loreen at 360-954-5175 or Henry Rosenthal at 360-945-1711.

 Emergency Shelter...

Trinity church has been designated as an Emergency shelter location by the Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group (‘PREP’) The church is centrally located on the south side of Point Roberts with easy access and parking. The sanctuary and church hall can provide heated temporary shelter with washrooms and kitchen facilities.  A propane powered electric generator has been installed that activates automatically in case of  power failures, which can occurs from time to time during winter storms. PREP’s mission is to educate our residents and property owners, and to produce and maintain an Emergency Operations Plan for Point Roberts. PREP members will also support Point Roberts during an emergency.



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