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Reading, Prayer & Meditation...

Rev. Bev, an Interfaith Minister, is hosting a Reading, Prayer and Meditation (RPM) hour from 10:30 11:30 am at Trinity Community Lutheran Church the dates will vary but generally are around the 24th of the month (except in September). The goal is to afford a time to detach from the busyness of the outer world, to breathe and relax and feel a deeper sense of connection to the Spiritual Helpers of our world, always starting with Christ as our center, then, expanding to those in resonance with his love, compassion, teachings and healing power, whatever the present challenge. The current format generally involves Readings for about 15 minutes, from a variety of spiritual or nature-oriented sources with topics changing monthly. Then, Prayer time open to current concerns of those present, followed by Bev leading a short guided meditation where one is free to be in the meditation space to ponder a question in the silence, to walk outside, to write, to walk the labyrinth.  One is free to come and go quietly as one needs.


Jesus and the Ruby Ray of Peace by Bev Mar



The Turquoise Lake in the Mountains by Bev Mar
The energies of this meditation come/came from a spiritual experience I had one night, of travelling while in meditation, in my spirit form, to this beautiful turquoise east of Whistler Mountain in the Rocky Mountains. The peace, calm, and richness of the turquoise glacial waters amidst the powerful greens of the cedars and forest utterly held me, and then in the experience, I felt the love, healing energies and wisdom of the Wisdom Being I encountered there. Long after, I can still sense/visualize the embrace of such wisdom and peace.

As always, my words are a reflection of my current spiritual readings and searching, not in, not in any way, limiting of your beliefs or chosen path, or spiritual guidance. They are a witness to the aspects of truth I have found so far. You are welcome to forward the link to friends and family.



Sapphire Meditation by Bev Mar




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